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Thwarted in my youthful ambitions to become a veterinary surgeon, Han Solo or Batman I opted to join the wine trade instead. I became a Master of Wine in 2008 and run my own independent portfolio business which involves winemaking, travel, education, film and occasionally wearing a cape and saving the world.

In 2010 I established James Busby Travel to take wine trade professionals from around the world on educational tours of Australia. I make pétillant naturel wines in South Australia under the Astro Bunny and Piggy Pop labels. I’m also the founder of WineTutor.tv, a unique online resource for students studying for the Master of Wine qualification.

I prefer analogue to digital, dogs to cats, the Beatles to the Stones and divide my time between Europe and Australia. And I never swirl my wine glass. Ever.

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Awesome Aussie road-trips for the trade. Fine wine, fun wine, fab food and bad wombats.
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An online resource for Master of Wine students to get their geek on. Study Smart, Stress Less.
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Pétillant Naturel wines made from South Australian grapes. No adds, mostly harmless.
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Drink wine. It makes you sexy and fun. Like this

Once upon a time two Masters of Wine and a recovering Sommelier went to Spain with a camera. Their mission? To make a film about wine that dared to be entertaining. Introducing The Rioja Scrolls. No fruit descriptors, no sniffing and definitely no swirling.
100% homemade, gonzo and unfiltered. We take wine seriously, ourselves not so much.
Watch the one minute “exploding helicopter” trailer here, or the full length film opposite. Tuck in, enjoy, and no bloody swirling!

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